Cookbooks for Fans of Gilmore Girls
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About the Author - Kristi Carlson

Kristi Carlson has loved cooking since she was a child, spending summers in her grandmother’s kitchen, learning from the patient master. As a teen, Kristi leveraged those summer lessons to land jobs making doughnuts and hamburgers; baking cookies and bread. 
Though Kristi’s career has led her in other directions, she’s continued to hone her skills in the kitchen, create her own recipes, and cater events for friends. 
Her love for Gilmore Girls began in 2000, when the show first aired. 
In 2015 she decided to marry her love for Gilmore Girls with her love of cooking. A year later, Eat Like A Gilmore was born. 
Kristi currently lives in Los Angeles, California with her husband, Tim, and two orange cats.

About the Cookbooks - a Timeline

March, 2016 - the "Eat Like A Gilmore" Cookbook project launched on Kickstarter, seeking an initial goal of $20,000. Within the first week, news of it had reached media outlets such as Gothamist and Bustle. From there BuzzFeed picked up the story, igniting a media frenzy. Within 48 hours news of the cookbook was featured by People, Teen Vogue, Food & Wine, E! Entertainment, Mashable, Entertainment Weekly, and more than a dozen others. All of this great press led fans of the show to make pledges toward the Kickstarter. Within 8 days of launching, the project was fully funded. But funding wasn't the only result - in the midst of it all, Kristi received inquiries from a number of publishers interested in partnering with her to print and distribute the book. Kristi chose Skyhorse Publishing due to their indie sensibilities and their love for and understanding of the show. 

April, 2016 - The Kickstarter ended its 33 day campaign. In total the project raised more than $47,000 from 1,244 people. 

April-June, 2016 - Kristi got busy cooking. Each recipe was written, tested, rewritten and retested until it was just right. Some of the backers pledged to contribute or test recipes, too. Kristi worked closely with each of them to ensure each recipe was of the highest quality before it was approved for the book. 

May, 2016 - early in the year Kristi had hired graphic artist and illustrator, Brian Anderson of Anderson Design, to format and create all of the artwork for the book.  The bulk of which started in May - with Brian and Kristi deciding on page design, chapter layout, cover artwork and the book's overall aesthetic.

June, 2016 - the photographic skills of fellow cookbook author, Bonnie Matthews, were tapped to provide photographs of each dish. Bonnie and Kristi spent 7 full days in late June/early July getting the photos just right - Kristi prepped the food, and Bonnie took beautiful photos of it all. 

August 1, 2016 - the full manuscript was turned over to Skyhorse Publishing, where it was proofed, polished, indexed and prepped for printing. 

October 3, 2016 - the first physical copies of Eat Like A Gilmore were received in Skyhorse's New York office. 

October 25, 2016 - Eat Like A Gilmore was released to the general public.

July 11, 2017 - Eat Like A Gilmore reached the rank of #1 among all books on Amazon.

October 10, 2018 - the first shipment of Eat Like A Gilmore: Daily Cravings cookbooks arrived in Skyhorse warehouses.

November 6, 2018 - Eat Like A Gilmore: Daily Cravings was released to the general public.


Watch the original Kickstarter video Kristi filmed for the Eat Like A Gilmore campaign: