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My Top 5 Kickstarter Campaigns Today

Hello! How are you doing? I hope your December is going well!

This past week I received an email from someone with a Kickstarter campaign - asking me to check out the campaign page, and give feedback. This happens every once in a while - folks see the "Eat Like A Gilmore" campaign, find my contact info, and ask me to check out their campaign. When this happens, I always feel very flattered and little under-qualified. But I do check them out, and often become a backer for the projects.

I do this for two reasons -

One, I love the concept of Kickstarter. Fostering creativity and providing a platform where like-minded people can meet and make a dream a reality - I love everything about it. Plus I think Kickstarter's online interface and tools are exceptional.

Two, Kickstarter enabled me to do what I love - and I'm forever grateful for that! In addition to the funds necessary to make the actual book, the cookbook project brought me so much support, love and friendship, it'd be difficult to quantify and impossible to repay. I'm in Kickstarter's debt!

I also think it's humanly impossible to browse through campaigns on Kickstarter and not become inspired. Something about all of that entrepreneurial spirit leaps off the screen, infects me with creative ideas and lights a little fire of "HEY! I want to make something, too!" drive.

At any given moment, there are so many cool projects on the site - browsing around can provide hours of entertainment!
But who has hours to peruse Kickstarter? Especially in December??

After I roamed around in there for a while this week, I compiled a list of 5 projects I thought might strike a chord with my fellow Gilmore fans.  I'm not getting anything for writing about these campaigns - I just like them, and thought you might, too. Yes, the project which approached me is in this lot, but only because I think the product fits the theme of this post. 

Okay - here are the 5 projects:

Photo Source: Kickstarter Campaign Page

1 - Christmas Tree Transporter 
Fairfield, CT (about 45 miles from “Stars Hollow” – I looked it up) 

If you celebrate Christmas, do you have a Christmas Tree up? I haven’t gotten one yet this year – time is ticking! Tim and I are planning to go get one tonight. Each year we go to the same fancy tree lot (Lowe’s) and I bring the same hot pink Hello Kitty throw blanket to put on the top of the car as protection from the tree. It’s the perfect size, easy to wash and makes me happy whenever I see it. I’ve used it for about 6 Christmases already.

It embarrasses Tim to no end. 

Suspiciously, I cannot find it this year…hmmmm…..
So, okay, I admit it may be time to find a replacement. Which brings me to this Kickstarter campaign – the Christmas Tree Transporter.

This product has a patent pending – and offers so many benefits: 

  • Protects car from needle scratches and sap. 
  • Keeps tree from slipping when car is in motion. 
  • The transporter wraps into a small roll so it’s easy to store during the year. 
  • Reusable. 
  • Customizable for businesses – put your logo/name on it and watch it roll around town. 
  • It's not embarrassing 

How have I lived without this? 

Get one Christmas Tree Transporter - $38 for the next 40 people: (39 people, I just pledged!) 

Photo Source: Kickstarter Campaign Page

2 - “Made with Coffee” Cookbook 
Sacramento, California 

Less than 3 days to go for this one! 

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee!!

This cookbook experiments with using coffee as a “spice” in dishes such as Mushroom Risotto, Coffee & Pomegranate Lamb Chops, Cocoa-roasted Beets, Pastry-wrapped Poached Pear with Coffee Caramel…and many more! 

$30 will get a book. 
$40 will get a signed book. 

This campaign’s creators are two food bloggers & Kickstarter veterans – Jerry James Stone and K.C. Cornwell.

  • Jerry’s most recent Kickstarter campaign successfully funded his first cookbook, a cocktail cookbook, (!!!) Holidazed
  • Kickstarter backers supported K.C.’s launch of the first gluten-free box delivery service (before box delivery services became a thing). 

Now these two have combined forces to create this cookbook, with coffee from Philz Coffee as their muse.
It’ll have recipes, of course, but will also explore “the history, science and culture of coffee”. Recipes will be a mixture of traditional meat-based and non-gluten-free dishes, as well as some gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian dishes. 

These creators made a simple video which perfectly showcases the chemistry between them, their love for food and their general likability – check it out!
(Do it quickly – this one’s about to end!) 
Photo Source: 

3 - CACOCO – The Drinking Chocolate Revival 
Santa Cruz, California 

“HoCho” anyone?
“CACOCO” is drinking chocolate hand-crafted in small batches.  It comes in four flavors: 

  • The Original – rich dark chocolate blend with cinnamon, nutmeg & lucuma 
  • Mystic Midnight – extra dark chocolate blend with vanilla & Himalayan salt 
  • Global Warrior – herbal dark chocolate blend with maca, turmeric & shilajit 
  • Fire Walker – spicy dark chocolate blend with reishi, rhodiola and habanero 

This project is already way over-funded – they blew past their original $25,000 goal, having raised $62,500 as of this writing! 

Meaning, we need them more than they need us. 

Do we need them? I think “YES!”. 

From what I can gather, the two creators – Tony Portugal & Liam Blackmon – have been making, selling, & perfecting this product in Santa Cruz, California for a long time. Their product is available at farmers’ markets, local markets, etc. The folks in Santa Cruz most surely have been the lucky ones – having access to these delicious-sounding hot chocolate elixirs! 

Now Tony & Liam are seeking funds to refine their product & make it more sustainable. 
When I watched the video, I thought “these guys are really walking the walk” of sustainability. 
Bottom line? I want to try these hot chocolates!
$22 will get 2 pyramids of CACOCO chocolate 
$44 will get 4 pyramids of CACOCO chocolate

Delivery is slated for this month!
What’s more – they even make it all sound perfectly healthy – “The cacao bean is one of nature’s most nutrient-dense foods: as a whole bean, it has a higher antioxidant value than nearly any other food. Cacao is also loaded with healthy fats, protein, minerals, and a full range of phytonutrients and chemicals that gives chocolate its beloved mood-boosting properties. Chocolate is inherently uplifting and nourishing, and also acts as the perfect delivery system for beneficial herbs and spices.” 

The project ends Sunday night, so if you want some – get yours here…quick! 
Photo Source: Kickstarter Campaign Page

4 - Pie Turtle | The Non-slide Pie Carrier for Your Car 
Omaha, Nebraska 

What’s more Gilmore-like – cake or pie? Seems like a pretty strong argument could be made for both sides. Which makes for a far more fun debate topic than “doctor-assisted suicide”, doesn't it? 

Yes, I'm aware, the “Eat Like A Gilmore” cookbook definitely sided with "cake" – but I’m also a huge fan of "pie"! 
If you’re a pie fan, too, and either bake your own or buy pie regularly – chances are you’ve transported pie to events in your car.  This is serious business – one sharp turn, or a quick stop and things can get ugly, fast. 

It takes a lot of work and patience to bake a pie and make it look pretty. If you want to preserve the perfection of your pie (or the store-bought pie you’re planning to pass off as the one you made) – check this out!
Creator, Michelle Higgins, specifically designed The Pie Turtle to hold your pie in the car – so you don’t have to worry about it sliding around or taking flight into the back of the headrest. The Pie Turtle is also designed in a way that lets you easily insert and remove the pie – so you don’t mess up the beautiful crust! 

Fits any pie, cheesecake, etc from 7 inches to 10 inches. It can safely carry a pie plate, spring form pan or round cake pan. 

Patent is pending for this design. 

$30 retail price 

Early birds get a Pie Turtle for $15 plus shipping - HURRY for this offer! 
Delivery is scheduled for March, 2017 

This campaign just launched this week and is on-trend to reach its $35,000 goal! Learn more & order yours here: 

Photo Source: Kickstarter Campaign Page

5 - Sterling’s Gourmet Fudge – Commercial Kitchen 
Daytona Beach, FL 

This project is pretty straight-forward – pledge money, get fudge. 

Pledges toward this project support Sterling’s Fudge and their need to expand into a commercial kitchen.
The campaign has already been fully funded – so backers are guaranteed to get some delicious fudge! 

$25 gets a handwritten “thank you” and a ½ pound of fudge. 
$50 gets a handwritten “thank you” and a pound of fudge 

Delivery slated for January 2017 

Get yours here:

Hope you liked these enough to pledge to one or two of them. To show that I'm really into these projects, I'm backing all of them! 

Is there a campaign I missed? Send me a link via the Contact Form and tell me why you love it!

Happy Friday everyone - talk with you again soon,

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