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Happiest New Year 2018: Vision Boarding

The week between Christmas and New Year's Day is often the time I like to take stock of my life. I spend some time alone thinking about my life - where I am versus where I'd like to be. When's the last time you spent time really, just thinking? For me, it is not easy. But whenever I make myself do it, I feel better afterward.

Focused. Balanced.

I start by thinking through the past year, month by month, in stark detail. I take note of all the things I feel good about, all the things I don't feel so good about, the things I want to take with me into the new year, and the things I never want to experience again - I evaluate it all. This process gives me a rough idea of the things I'd like to experience in the new year.

Then comes the fun part - thinking about my goals! These I tend to think about by category - love life, career, home, pets, relationships, etc. I think about my #1 goal in each category, then I write it down. But I don't write about it as if I want it - I write about it as though I already have it. For instance, instead of writing "I want my pets to stay healthy and active" I say "Stella, Elliot and Charlie are all thriving!" - see the difference?

Once I've written my goals for each category, I sit and think on each one, imagining that I DO already have it, and feeling how wonderful that feels. 

This may sound ridiculous - or like some hippy method. And perhaps it is. But it's worked for me.

Have you ever read "The Secret"?

Have you ever seen the clip of Jim Carrey on Oprah, telling her about the $10,000,000 check he wrote himself, when he had v little money in the bank? (spoiler - he unexpectedly got the money soon after!)

All these stories talk about the same concept - visualization, manifesting, the Law of Attraction - it all boils down to using our thoughts and feelings to bring the things we want into our lives. Both Jim Carrey's story, and the stories found in "The Secret" have all stuck with me - they're compelling! They have also motivated me to embrace the Law of Attraction, myself.  

And, guess what - it's worked for me, too! I recently looked back at the board I created for 2011, and realized everything I wrote on that board has come true! Some goals took longer than a year. Indeed, some goals took 5 or 6 years - but they all came true. I think most of us, if we were told "all of your dreams will come true, they may just take a few years" - we'd be pretty happy with that, right? 

Whether you believe in any of this or not - that's not the point! The point is that each new year marks a fresh beginning. It's a time for hope, and a time to set or reset our life's trajectory. If me sharing this little tool gets you even one step closer to your goals - I'll be thrilled! 

The template I use to make this board is pretty basic - it prints out on one standard sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper. Sometimes I print it out and paste it to a large, foam core board, then paste around it (collage style) photos I've cut from magazines; photos depicting the goals written on the sheet. Other years I just print out the sheet and let it stand on its own. I've found both methods to be inspiring! 

This year a couple friends asked me if I would send them a blank version of the board - so they could fill it in, without having to create one themselves. This got me thinking, if they want this, maybe more people might like to have it, too! So here it is - a downloadable, Microsoft Word version. If you want to use this the way I do - just fill in your goals, dreams, aspirations - think on them, feel how amazing it will feel once you have them. Next, print out the sheet, and post it somewhere you can look at it, often. 

Then get ready to receive. 

Are you ready? Do you know what you're #HopefulFor in 2018? Whatever it is, I sincerely hope you get it.

Happy New Year, everyone!

With love,



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