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Drink a Cocktail, Win a Cookbook!


Hello & Happy Friday! 

Tomorrow, Saturday, May 13th is World Cocktail Day, marking the first written definition of a cocktail back on May 13, 1806. 
To mark this wondrous occasion, I'm hosting a contest on Instagram. 
Hope you all have a great weekend and a lovely Mothers' Day. 


Win a Cookbook 
How to Enter: Between now and Sunday night, on Instagram, post a photo of the cocktail you're drinking in celebration of World Cocktail Day (or in celebration of anything, really)....and TAG* @malibukristi. 

This'll be your contest entry. 


I'll choose one winner for every 10 entries. 

10 entries = 1 winner 
30 entries = 3 winners 
80 entries = 8 winners 
1,000 entries = 100 winners! 

You get it - the more entries, the more winners! 


Email/text/tag your cocktailing/mocktailing friends & tell them to enter. 

The more entrIes, the more chances YOU have to WIN! 
Winner(s) announced on Monday. 

*be sure to tag the photo itself. If you only add @malibukristi to the photo caption, this won’t count as an entry (mainly because I cannot see private posts)

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