Cookbooks for Fans of Gilmore Girls
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Daily Cravings

One hundred crave-worthy recipes―for Gilmore Girls fans who can’t get enough!  Remember when Lorelai and Rory were cake-tasting for Lorelai's wedding to Max? Remember wanting to try some of those cakes?  How about the night they ordered the entire chicken column of Chinese food from Al's? Or the time Luke...

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Now there are TWO Eat Like A Gilmore Cookbooks

If you're looking to add a little Stars Hollow magic to your home, your next get-together or a Gilmore-themed party, Eat Like A Gilmore unofficial cookbooks are the best source for recipes. Each book contains more than 100 recipes to make foods from Gilmore Girls. 

What can you create with one or both of the cookbooks?

  • Baby and Bridal Shower Menus
  • Movie Night Spread
  • Holiday Feast
  • Fancy Dinners ala Emily's
  • Hangover Remedies
  • plus so much more

What will you create with an Eat Like A Gilmore cookbook?


What are fellow fans saying?

"The binding, the photography, the pages... it's just all so gorgeous. Every recipe I could think of while watching the show, it's in here." -- C. Stout

"Fantastic book! All recipes I've tried have been delicious so far." -- MamaBear

"I was really impressed by the attention to detail and how each recipe has a story and connection to the show." -- Tesscinnamon

"I was nervous that all the recipes would be too simple since the Lorelais didn't really cook but they were solid recipes for real foods, just normally made by someone else in the show!" -- Stephanie K.

"OMG I Love this cookbook! Any Gilmore Girls fan would go crazy over this! So cool!! Each page has a little circle on top that tells you which household you would probably find that recipe being used which was very interesting to me." -- Sam Spillman